Jenna Ross in Wet Workout

Look at her, just look at that sexy teen body, look at those curves, her hips, her tits, and that amazing ass! We can all agree on the fact that Jenna Ross is a super and we mean SUPER hot petite cutie, but there is way more to this babe than just looks!

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She is a fine gymnast and a hard working babe as well! She got caught up by a cock during her workout, so she had to take a blow, which normally lead to more exciting sex action! In the video, she goes into impossible positions, she stretches, she bends and writhes on that cock like no one else! Her tight pussy hangs on to that cock, and won’t let it go, until she is satisfied!

She rides it, she “tortures” that “poor” cock until it sprays her sexy bottom. If you are looking for a sexy petite brunette with a flawless body, and amazing skills, Jenna is your babe!

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