Tiny4k Bella Rose in Candyland

Some girls just can’t get enough of the sweet sticky stuff, and petite little Bella Rose is just one of those. Even her bra and panties are made of candy, and we don’t think Bella Rose would mind if you licked and ate your way to the creamy pale skin underneath them.

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She gets off on showing you just how much she’s into the sugary sweets…licking her lollipops and anything else sweet and colorful, sometimes delicately, and sometimes with an appetite you’ll find surprising for such a little thing. Her pastel-tinted makeup shimmers and her pigtails bounce while she giggles in delight at covering her tight pussy with edibles.

But she soon finds more adult pleasures in the form of grown-up cock. It would seem that Bella enjoys a dick in her mouth just as much as a giant sucker, and a dick in her tight pussy is even sweeter than that.

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