Emily Willis in Facial Melody

Emily Willis is a babe who has a special love for music. She likes to walk around with her iPod and listen to some of her favorite tunes while she is doing something unspeakably naughty. Music sometimes makes her do some really dirty things. Her boy was just walking by her and saw her inviting smile. As no guy could ever resist that, he walked over to give her a good time. Emily was completely naked by then and was way too hungry to have a cock in her mouth.

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She grabbed hold of it and started sucking the tip, advancing little by little to the rest of his boy’s cock. It took only seconds for her to give him an all-out blowjob that got him in just the right mood to give her a reckless pussy pounding she craved for so much. Emily’s loud moans echoed around the house as she got her tiny pink pussy drilled harder and harder with each move her man made. It was a pretty wild and intense adventure for the both of them, which ended up with Emily being bent in strange poses and her cute face being summed.

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