Tiny4k Katie Murphy in Sit and Spin

Katie Murphy is the cutest little latina teen that’s ready to the dick of a guy that has a lot more experience. She starts to suck his man meat, that barely fits into her mouth and it doesn’t take long before she took the cock in her pussy!

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He grabs her by her legs and starts to fuck her hard with his giant penis. She looks as if she can’t really take it, but she can! And she loves it! A cock that big feels great in her pussy! A guy lifts her in the air and starts fucking her while she rests on his hands!

Katie Murphy Porn

Her pussy is on fire! She never knew that fucking like this is even possible, this guy is really doing his job! She’s close to an orgasm. He tries one more sex position to finish her. She already came and wants to do it again. He lasted just long enough for her to come again and when she did, she felt as if she set foot at the gates of heaven. She jumps, takes his cock in her hand and starts to jerk it fast! The cum on Katie Murphy’s face made her happy!

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