Tiny4k Lola Reve in Sweet Tiny Ass

Lola Reve is what most men would call a slut. When in fact she is nothing more than a sexual entertainer of gentlemen. She’s the type all woman like to hate on in public, but secretly want to be more like her. She has a firm grasp of her sexuality which makes her so much fun.


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With a cock in her hands, and balls in her mouth she feels the most at ease with herself and her existence. Sex is supposed to be fun and fulfilling, and that is exactly how she lives her life.

They say the eyes are the window into a person’s soul, which if is true, Lola’s only true passion is fucking, because it’s then when her eyes sparkle the brightest, and burns her name into men’s hearts with her stare. She needs not to be tamed, but pleased.

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