Tiny4k Trisha Parks in Poke Her Face

Trisha Parks is feeling frisky and randy, in serious need of a good hard plowing. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Well amongst other things it definitely helps. Her clit feels swollen, her pussy is burning up, and she knows very well what needs to be done.

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The only cure for her current symptoms is having a hard fuck session, building up all the sexual tension in one place, before releasing it and experiencing the sheer rush of what a good orgasm feels like. An other worldly sensation, that only last for a few glorious enlightening moments.

While having her pussy licked, the guy fingers her tight asshole as well, completely overwhelming all her senses and getting her even more hot and wet than before. Her fantasy date ends with the guy’s large dick plowing her pussy firmly, only to shoot his precious jizz all over her cute face and mouth.

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